In the beginning, there were sounds of bamboo trees, swaying softly outside the high window.

Slow shadows of leaves and sunlight changing places across the wrinkled ceiling, above the basket where I slept, dreamt and waited.

To the smell of fresh flowers and wild grass, echos of water somewhere near.

I must have lay there, nameless, speechless, waiting for everything to begin, to happen, to become.

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This violin was made 130 years ago by a master luthier in Torino.

Long before that, it was living as a tree in the forests of north Italy, this Tree, has been given a voice of its won by a human artist, it has the potential to share music for hundreds of years to come.

By choosing to celebrate nature, to nurture beauty, and respecting the planet, we can surely accomplish a sustainable future, all together.

that is why we care. 


Zhang Zhang

Les Sommets des Consciences, Paris 2015