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The Crane and The Oak Tree

The Crane and The Oak Tree


ballad for a Jedi

look at those stars
you said
they have been here
long before we knew
the feel of fire
the moon
the rain

before we knew
the names of trees
taste of earth
mysteries of water
and the dangers
of being alive

there they are
when all have been revealed
by the blood
of our wild and amorous veins

flowering in the darkness

till the end of time


cœur d’airain

If I had
a heart of brass
of iron, of stone or broken stars
would I
still hear
the voice of grass
of water, of night
and the silence
of your distant sky

if I had listened
to the winter, the trees and their shadow of bones
I would still
upon this solitary shore


you were and will always be
voice of tree, of wings and empty sky
dark joy of water in the late summer rush
when morning arrives blooming with wind

the river listens to all echos


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bella figura


between spring and summer
the fields would rise
reaching further and further
into the woods
the sky
often cloudless
lowers its wings
towards earth
the color of shadows
of new born trees
when dusk descends
echoing of slender waters
running over stones of fire and ash
towards altars
of feather and bone
long since burried
beneath the rain

by these moonless shores
I may have seen
in dreams
and the emptiness of sky
your journey in the dunes

the world
without walls
nor companion
where those long lost stars
go on
casting their shimmering nets
upon the path
of your solitary hunt

late in the night
between dreams of rivers and winter grass
you remembered
giant skies touched by snow
lightness and shadow
on the edge of solitary sails

in the smallest hour of the morning
between dreams
and silent sleep
you would smile and turn to me
beneath stars
we can not see


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when it rained
you went acrossed the fields
to be free again
to the trees again

follwed by a grey and transparent sky
no one is waiting
or listening

to be with you again
to the trees

the moon is a harsh mistress

we walked
the night was quieter still
shadows followed silently
you looked out to the sea
waves and wind and all the things I did not know

we walked

there must have been stars
in the sky

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